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Organisational and Professional Development

Work Shadowing

Work shadowing allows staff members to see colleagues in action, and apply what they learn in their work and to their career development.

There are many advantages to work shadowing, including:

  • Development opportunities for both the shadow and the host
  • Sharing good practice across the University
  • “Testing out” of possible career options
  • Breaking down barriers between central Professional Services and those in Schools/Institutes by creating networking and understanding processes from a different angle

How the shadowing happens will depend on the needs of the shadow, but could involve observing particular tasks, or observing a representation of what the host does over a day or number of days.

Are you interested in shadowing?

We've found that work shadowing is most effective when the shadow identifies their own host and makes arrangements independently.  We're supporting this process by:

  • Clarifying the steps that everyone involved needs to take, and which responsibilities lie with which person
  • Providing an application form to formalise the arrangement and define its scope
  • Evaluating shadowing placements to understand their impact
  • Collating contact information for potential host areas

To learn more about the process of work shadowing and how to arrange it, please read the Process & Guidance document:

Work Shadowing - Process and Guidance [PDF 219KB]

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