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Organisational and Professional Development

The Manager's Role

Managers have a responsibility to support the development of their staff, both within their current role and while looking ahead to the next steps of their career journey.  

Managers should do this by:​

  • Ensuring that staff on their team are doing the best job they can day to day, by holding regular one-to-one meetings, giving constructive feedback, and ensuring that appropriate development and support is in place. ​
  • Carrying out annual appraisals and using this opportunity to discuss the individual’s plans and aspirations, providing feedback on strengths and insight on how they might be used aligning to the University needs.  
    • This includes discussions where the appraisee may not be sure of their next step, and supporting them to identify different options.
    • Appraisal objectives and actions should be reviewed every few months.​
  • Identifying opportunities to support their team members’ career plans– both to identify possible direction and develop their readiness for opportunities. This could include:
    • Exposure to different areas of the University
    • Discussions on the future of their professional area
    • Recommending potential mentors
    • Supporting relevant staff apprenticeships
    • Identifying job shadowing or secondment opportunities
    • Encouraging a diversity of people to apply for roles.  ​
  • Creating ways and time to allow team members to broaden their experience in ways that are suited to their career journey, where possible.  For example:
    • Delegating budgetary tasks to staff who do not yet have experience in managing finances
    • Exposure to senior committees
    • Contributing to University project groups
    • Acting up/sideways when vacancies arise (or explaining why this isn’t appropriate) ​
  • Ensuring you are giving opportunities to all staff.  It can be easy to give new projects to staff who come across as confident, or you find easy to delegate to; challenge yourself to ensure you are considering everyone. ​
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