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Organisational and Professional Development

Pathways to Leadership

Pathways to Leadership is a suite of programmes to support colleagues at each stage of their career, no matter their role. 

These consist of five levels of core leadership programmes with ‘elective’ modules so that you can focus your learning on the areas you need to develop. Electives can be taken in addition to the core or as standalone sessions.

If you are specifically looking for a development opportunity in Leadership and Management that does carry an accreditation/qualification option, you may be able to access this via a staff apprenticeship, which will require a longer commitment to learning and experiential activities.  This includes 6 hours per week (pro rata) of learning and development time. 

To help you determine which of the Pathways to Leadership programmes best fits your needs:

The Leading Together framework is a developmental tool that describes the behaviours - at every level of leadership - that demonstrate our Queen Mary Values.

To see a summary of our core programme and electives see here: Pathways to Leadership Summary [PDF 778KB]

Support for Managers

This guide has some advice and resources to support managers with appraisals, one-to-one meetings and other career development discussions with team members who may be interested in developing their leadership and management skills: Pathways to Leadership - Manager's toolkit [DOC 67KB]

Core Programmes

Aspiring Managers and Team Leaders

For colleagues who are considering a move into a supervisory/management role for the first time.  If you are already managing staff, or are about to start, please consider Management Essentials.

Format: A workshop session currently run online.

Book your place: Please book yourself on using the CPD booking system; search for the course code PD258.

Management Essentials

For colleagues who have recently taken on the responsibility of management, or who have not received management development previously.  This programme aims to prepare colleagues to take ownership of their management role, and to build their knowledge and confidence.

Format: 4 half-day workshops (2 in person, 2 online)

Learn more: Management Essentials Brochure [PDF 576KB]

Register your interest: Complete this questionnaire 

Established Managers, Emerging Leaders

For colleagues who are established, or have previous experience, in managing a team, and are now embedding those skills and exploring the demands of leadership.

Format: An extended course of 8 workshops, which are run online and in person.


    • You should already be line-managing a group of staff
    • You should have experience of managing the delivery of a service or programme

Learn more: Established Managers, Emerging Leaders (2022) [PDF 533KB]

Register your interest: Complete this questionnaire 

Transition to organisational leadership

For colleagues who are established in more senior roles, and considering or preparing for leadership at a School, Institute or Department level.

Format: An induction session followed by a series of monthly workshops and individual coaching sessions over Semesters A and B.  To be run online initially.


    • You will be in a role that contributes directly to strategic discussions in your Faculty/PS Department
    • You will already have direct reports who each line manages a group of staff
    • You will be considering a next career step to Head of School, School Manager, or Assistant Director of PS Department

At each level the format and content will align with our Strategy 2030 and Values, and there will be opportunities for additional activities to complement the core content.

To find a list of electives, see our Course Catalogue on the What We Offer page. 

External leadership programmes

Aurora: Women’s Leadership programme run by Advance HE

Herschel Programme for Women in Technical Leadership

Last updated: September 2022

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