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Organisational and Professional Development

Mandatory Training

To support our ethical approach and our compliance obligations, we expect that all members of staff to complete particular training during their time here. 

From 2024, completion of mandatory training will be required to pass probation, apply for a staff bonus or additional increment, progress through the academic promotion scheme, professorial pay review, and for the Professional Services Grade 8 pay review process.

The table below identifies the types of training you are expected to complete, how it’s delivered, and how often you need to repeat or follow up with further training in a specific area. 

Please be aware that there may be other training mandatory for your role or area. Please check with your line manager and visit our Induction page for more information. 

For staff who don’t use a computer for their role, tailored provision has been arranged.  Please book this through the CPD booking system.   

Line managers should decide which mandatory training contractors and temporary staff should complete. Here is a guide to support contractor or temporary mandatory training decisions 

Health & Safety mandatory training: For more information on Health & Safety training necessary for different roles, see the appendix of the training policy on the Health & Safety Directorate's training page. 

Note on frequency: 'Induction' refers to a member of staff's first three months in post.

Course Name

Owned By:

Required For:


Time to complete (mins):

Link (if e-learning)


Cyber Security IT All Staff Induction (see above) + every 2 years 60 Cyber Security1  IT Helpdesk
GDPR (Data Protection)  IT  All Staff  Induction + every 2 years 60 Data Protection1 IT Helpdesk

Introducing Inclusion

(Equality and Diversity in Practice + Challenging Unconscious Bias) 

HR All Staff Induction + every 2 years2 90 Introducing Inclusion OPD Team
Fire Safety Awareness (FSA) Health & Safety All Staff Induction + every 2 years or any change of location (whatever comes first) 20 Fire Safety H&S Helpdesk
Anti-Bribery Essentials Finance All Staff (and international recruitment agents)  Induction 45 Anti-Bribery Essentials OPD Team
Criminal Finances Act Finance All Staff (and international recruitment agents)  Induction 45 Criminal Finances Act OPD Team
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety Health & Safety Staff who use DSE daily at work, for continuous periods of an hour or more  Induction + any change of location 45 MySafety Workstation Assessment Guidance H&S Helpdesk
Health & Safety Induction Health & Safety All Staff Induction Up to 120 Health & Safety Induction H&S Helpdesk
Introduction to Copyright Student & Academic Services Academics, Researchers,
Staff publishing resources
One-off Yes Introduction to Copyright Library
Recruitment and Interview Selection HR Recruitment Panel Members Before recruiting; refresh if not completed within 2 years.   120

Staff Recruitment and Selection4

OPD Team
Safeguarding Essentials Student & Academic Services Staff who come into contact with students, applicants or those doing outreach work (encouraged for all staff)3 Induction + every 2 years 130 Safeguarding Essentials OPD Team
Protecting your research  Joint Research and Management Office  Academics, researchers and research-supporting PS staff in S&E and encouraged for FMD and HSS  Induction 120  TBC JRMO
Effective Advising and Signposting  Queen Mary Academy  Academics, TATFS  Induction 125  Effective Advising and Signposting  QMA

1 Cyber Security and Data Protection: This e-learning is hosted externally; use your QMUL email address (e.g. to log in.  You will be prompted for the same password you use to access email, etc. 

2 Introducing Inclusion: Staff are required to have done some form of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training, at Queen Mary, every two years.  This e-learning is mandatory for all staff, unless you have a joint NHS contract and have completed EDI training as a condition of your employment with the NHS. 

3 Safeguarding: although some of the e-learning covers UK legislation the principles would still be relevant for colleagues on overseas campus. 

4 Recruitment and Interview Selection: This e-learning is a mandatory prerequisite to participating in staff recruitment activity.  The optional workshop can be booked online; after completing the e-learning on QMplus, the booking option will become available on the e-learning page.

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