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Organisational and Professional Development

Current Communities of Practice

This page lists existing communities of practice at Queen Mary and is constantly being updated.  

Name & Teams Link Purpose Contact
Agile Organisation – Minds and Hearts For anyone interested in finding out more about Agile values and principles and how to apply them in their work.

Every University has certain core objectives that it wishes to accomplish in the long run. And to achieve these end goals, an organisation must remain focused and committed to offering value to its Students, Staff and wider community. We want to foster agile philosophy in the organisation to increase transparency, embrace new ways of working and studying, create a culture that is tolerant of failure and utilise the right technology.

Ralf Morscheid, Ella Rice, Agnieszka (Agi) Jankowska 
Business Change Management For people involved in Change to share the understanding of changes and also how different change programmes might interact, share networks, learning from different change experiences.  Particularly when IT is an element in the change.

To give the Queen Mary University Students and Staff a picture of the future after the change is implemented and foster engagement, adoption, feedback, and development in Stages:

  • Pre-Launch Stage: Awareness
  • Launch stage: Availability
  • Post-Launch stage: Usage & Adoption 
Jigar Ranchordas, Sophia Eglin, Agnieszka (Agi) Jankowska
Data Analytics The Data Analysts Network community of practice brings together data professionals from across the institution to learn, network, and challenge our working practices. We have a particular focus on data visualisation and dashboard design and construction. Our agenda is driven by the membership and is software agnostic. Kate West & Sam Astley
Events Forum The Events Forum is a space to bring Events Professionals from across Queen Mary together to expand their network of people in similar roles, share advice and best practice in events and promote their events to the wider Events Community at Queen Mary. The forum promotes collaboration across teams, provides event planning template materials and comes together a few times a year to focus discussion and facilitate learning on particular challenges or progression in the wider events industry. 
Innovation and Learning Exchange   Runs regular events that provide an opportunity for discussion and reflection on all aspects of educational practice.   Innovation & Learning inbox 
Learner Engagement Analytics (LEA) To feed back valuable insights about the impact of Learner Engagement Analytics (LEA) on enhancing student outcomes, whilst nurturing links with others in the sector with an interest in LEA. Graeme Hathaway
Product Management Product management is an organisational function that guides every step of a product's lifecycle.

At QMUL Product Management aims to deliver a high-value product suite worthy of Queen Mary’s 2030 strategic objectives across education and the student experience. We will improve efficiency and satisfaction through our digital products.  We do this by focussing on the customer- and student centricity and iterative improvements at all levels. 

This Community of Practice will allow staff and students with an interest in Product Management to participate in events to discuss Product Management, trends, tools, and practices.

Ralf Morscheid, Ella Rice, Agnieszka (Agi) Jankowska 
Technology Business Partnering For everyone involve in IT to share ideas, pain points, on delivering IT support, improvements and transformation. 

Our role is to delight our users by delivering high-value digital capability, contributing to a great student and staff experience.

ITS Faculty Relationship Managers ensure that our customers have the digital infrastructure and services to operate effectively in the digital age. The processes to engage with our services should be responsive and transparent.

We also need to support our customers in planning for the short-, medium- and long-term future as their organisation evolves.

Jigar Ranchordas, Sophia Eglin, Agnieszka (Agi) Jankowska

Please contact with the information above if you would like to add your community of practice to this page. 

Interested in starting a community?

If you are interested in starting or restarting a community of practice, or think a group could benefit from exploring what makes a successful community of practice, please see our toolkit and other information on the main page. This will provide you with an overview of some of the things you will need to consider.

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