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Organisational and Professional Development

What we offer

The Organisational & Professional Development Catalogue

Click here for the most recent edition: OPD Catalogue - January 2021 [PDF 259KB]

This catalogue provides a list of the workshops, programmes and e-learning we offer on a regular basis.

Update November 2021: PD240 Introduction to Project Management is currently being redesigned.  In the meantime, you may wish to access Project Management Foundations or Project Management Simplified on LinkedIn Learning, or look into a relevant apprenticeship if it makes up a substantial part of your role.  Accredited courses (such as PRINCE2) will have to be sourced and funded within your area; please discuss with your line manager.

Keep in mind that this shouldn't be your only place to find development solutions! Once you have identified a need, there are many ways to meet it. Accessing formal training is just one of these. Others include:

  • Finding a mentor or coach
  • Job shadowing
  • Supporting a new or ongoing project
  • Accessing online resources such as TED Talks
  • LinkedIn Learning

A combination of approaches often works best; you can discuss these with your line manager or supervisor.

If there's a course you're particularly interested in attending, but you can't find one scheduled on the course booking system, please contact and let us know. We keep track of demand, and try to meet needs where resources allow.

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