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Organisational and Professional Development

Roles & Responsibilities

A photograph of a man and woman working together in a laboratoryThe Apprentice

  • The Apprentice will participate actively in the apprenticeship by preparing for classes, punctually attending all mandatory lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, exams, and other learning opportunities, and completing all assessments on time.
  • The Apprentice will adhere to all relevant policies, codes, regulations, rules and guidance of the employer and training provider.
  • If the Apprentice is unable, owing to circumstances beyond their control, to attend an examination, submit an assessment on time or attend a learning session, they shall complete and submit an application for an extension of time, extenuating circumstances and/or absence request to the training provider in accordance with its policies and procedures and keep their line manager informed.
  • The Apprentice shall submit all material and attend all appointments required for the agreed End Point Assessment.
  • The Apprentice shall attend all appointments relevant to their apprenticeship, made with the training provider or QMUL staff.
  • The Apprentice shall check his/her email account regularly for communications from the training provider and ensure that the training provider has up to date contact details. The Apprentice shall inform the training provider of any change in his/her personal information or circumstances.
  • The Apprentice will inform the Staff Apprenticeship lead should they want to withdraw or transfer the apprenticeship.  (Back to top)

Queen Mary (The Employer)

  • We will pay the Apprentice a salary as specified in the Employee Contract.
  • We will employ the Apprentice and provide the Apprentice at least 6hrs of their working hours (pro rata) for off-the-job training relating to the apprenticeship, including attendance at education and training sessions delivered by the training provider for as long as is reasonable to complete the apprenticeship.
  • We will ensure that the Apprentice’s workload is appropriate to enable them to fulfil the requirements of the apprenticeship.
  • We will appoint a QMUL mentor for the Apprentice. (Back to top)

A photograph of a man and woman working together at a computerThe Line Manager

  • Will become familiar with the chosen apprenticeship standard and schedule of off-the-job learning.
  • Will support the apprentice to plan work in line with necessary learning outcomes and have access to meetings with a mentor.
  • Will attend the triparte review meetings with the training provider and apprentice and provide any necessary evidence (eg observations of practice) if required.
  • Will keep the Staff Apprenticeship Lead up to date with any issues, concerns, withdrawals or extended absences (more than 4 weeks.)
  • Will provide line management to the apprentice in the same way as any other member of staff. (Back to top)

The Mentor

  • Will provide ongoing vocationally relevant mentoring to the apprentice for the duration of the apprenticeship.
  • Is someone in the team, who can provide consistent support with the context and practical aspects of the apprenticeship role.

Although it is not a requirement for the mentor to hold a mentoring or coaching qualification, training may be available – please see our Coaching and Mentoring page, or contact for more information. (Back to top)

The Training Provider

  • Is procured to provide a detailed Apprenticeship programme that meets QMUL business needs.
  • Will allocate a dedicated learning coach or tutor.
  • Agree and manage timescales and delivery for training, feedback, and assessment.
  • Will provide suitable additional learning support if needed and ensure the apprenticeship is accessible.
  • Will assist us to prepare and advertise our vacancy using the 'Recruit and Apprentice’ Service.
  • Will support the recruitment process and shortlist suitable candidates to interview
  • Oversees the initial assessment and enrolment process.
  • Provides ongoing assessment, support and advice throughout the training period to us and our apprentice. (Back to top)

HR Staff Apprenticeship Lead

  • Supports hiring managers to create and match roles to suitable apprenticeships.
  • Provides Information, advice, guidance and coaching to staff interested in apprenticeships for themselves of team members.
  • Manages the procurement and contract management of training providers.
  • Manages the Apprenticeship Levy and all payments to training providers via the digital apprenticeship service account.
  • Offers support to managers and apprentices throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. (Back to top)
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